What’s Your Waterfront?

St. Helens Waterfront Redevelopment Project

Community Visioning Workshop

May 12 & 14


The City of St. Helens invites your participation in developing a vision for the waterfront.  On May 12 -14, a team of multi-disciplinary professionals from across the country will be visiting St. Helens to facilitate a public involvement process  and make professional recommendations based upon their findings.  The project is sponsored by the American Institute of Architects, Center for Communities by Design, Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) program which strongly encourages public involvement in the assessment process.  Please join us in creating a vision to help guide the future of our community.

St Helens Water Fron Project - Supported by SHEDCo

*** Please forward this invitation to anyone interested in participating in the process.

For more information on the project and to register please view the following links:

Project website:  http://www.ci.st-helens.or.us/SDAT

Promotional video:  What’s Your Waterfront?

American Institute of Architects SDAT program:  Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT)

Contact us:  SDAT@ci.st-helens.or.us

Registration encouraged:     SDAT Registration

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Project Background

In November of 2013, the City of St. Helens with the assistance of AmeriCorps volunteers, submitted an application to the American Institute of Architects, Communities by Design, Sustainable Design Assessment Team (SDAT) program. The SDAT program offers community guidance from a multi-disciplinary approach based on the principles of sustainability; Economy, Environment and Social factors.  The SDAT brings a multidisciplinary group of professionals (such as architects, urban designers, landscape architects, planners, hydrologists, economists, attorneys, and others) to work with community decision makers and stakeholders to assist in developing a vision and framework for a sustainable future.

The AIA SDAT program awards a handful of assessment projects throughout the country each year and St. Helens was fortunate to be among the 2014 cohort.  The selection was awarded based upon the catalytic nature of the opportunity and the sense of community willingness to participate in the SDAT Process.

The project application was titled the St. Helens Waterfront Redevelopment Project, A Canvas of Opportunity and the project has two areas of focus.  The primary area will involve the former Boise Veneer Mill site property adjacent to the Historic Olde Towne. This 17 – acre waterfront property adjacent to Historic Olde Towne presents a unique opportunity to expand access to the waterfront, create connecting transportation linkages and expand the downtown area. The City’s involvement with the Veneer property will be to ensure development decisions are made in the public’s interest.

The secondary focus of the SDAT will be to provide a more global assessment of the neighboring Boise White Paper site.  The City is currently in negotiations with Boise White Paper to obtain all or part of the 200+ adjacent waterfront acres.  This expanded acreage opens up a host of possibilities for assessment.

The goal of the SDAT is to assist in developing a community based vision for the waterfront. During the initial visit in February, the SDAT project manager and AIA staff met with local leaders and representatives of stakeholders organizations to pool as much information – data, ideas, suggestions, comments, preferences, etc. – as possible. Based on this initial scoping visit, the project manager has invited other discipline experts to join the SDAT project.  This team will be studying the St. Helens Waterfront Redevelopment materials submitted in the City’s application and visit May 12 – 14 to conduct a series of inclusive public workshops to assist in developing the City’s waterfront redevelopment plans. The team member biographies are available on the City’s website.

During the Public Workshop on May 12, the public is invited to attend any or all of the concurrent Community Group Workshops on sustainability themed topics such as  Public Space, Connectivity, Community Identity, Economic Development, and the Environment. On May 14 the SDAT group will reconvene In the Columbia Theater from 6 – 8 pm to present their initial findings and recommendations.  A formal report will be prepared and submitted following the event.

Once again, public involvement is strongly encouraged and please pass this message along to anyone interested in participating in the project.

For more information please contact SDAT@ci.st-helens.or.us


Thank you and I look forward to you participation.