Promotion-creates excitement on Main Street to encourage customer traffic by promoting a positive image of our community.  Effective promotional strategy through special events and marketing campaigns carried out by local volunteers encourages consumers and investors to live, work, shop, plan and invest in our community.

June 2018

Actionbound App

Saint Helens Steps Out is an interactive mobile experience starring Saint Helens. This project is geared to help you learn more about the history of the community and to highlight some of the amazing small businesses that are found here. We would like to thank the Columbia County Historical Society and Museum Association and their volunteers for all their help with compiling data and photos for this project. By the way, if you enjoy the history found in this app, you should follow the Museum’s page. They are constantly putting up fun historical facts and information about Columbia County.

October 2018

Some people raise money with flocking flamingos… not us here in the Spirit of Halloweentown… we raise money with #thepinkskullproject !!!!

Similar in concept, but instead of flamingos – we have awesome pink skulls! These beautiful pieces of lawn art will be popping up around the community over the next month and if you are one of the lucky victims then you will get an opportunity to re-home hem and pick a friend to get a skulling!S


Spring 2017

Inspiration in the RAIN