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Columbia County Courthouse Clock Restoration

In 1911, the county courthouse, located in downtown St. Helens, installed a new clock in the courthouse tower.  For many years it rang on the hour and became part of the character of the town.  By the 2000’s the clock had endured harsh weather and moisture in the tower causing it to stop working properly.  The echo of the bell that rang now was silent.  A few years ago, the county, SHEDCO volunteer Steve Topaz, and various other community members decided the clock needed to be fixed again.  After new paint jobs, clock hands, screws, and many volunteer hours, the clock now runs on time and the bell rings every hour again.  Many in the community are finding joy in hearing it again; bringing back that character to St. Helens you won’t be able to find anywhere else.  It stands as an active visual and auditory reminder that St. Helens is here and intends to become and stay a vibrant community again.

Columbia County wrote an article and created a video on the restoration project.  Check them out here:



Clock Restoration
Clock Restoration 2
clocktower pic
Funeral 1912
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