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– Will SHEDCO tax me?
NO. SHEDCO is a volunteer based, private, non-profit organization with no taxing authority.

– Who pays for SHEDCO?
As a volunteer organization SHEDCO has to figure out how to pay for its programs.  SHEDCO is in the process of developing funding sources; these can be through private or corporate donations, grants, or endowments.  The first fund raising program that SHEDCO carried out was the annual Boat/Fishing Swap Meet at the Scappoose Bay Marina.

– Is SHEDCO an urban renewal scheme?
NO. SHEDCO is a volunteer organization.  The St Helens City Council voted to not move forward with the St Helens Urban Renewal Plan in 2008.  The members of SHEDCO simply want to bring the community together and develop a way to improve the economic viability of St Helens.

– Will SHEDCO control what I can do on my own property?
NO. SHEDCO has no regulating authority.  SHEDCO is a 100% volunteer organization whose goal is to revitalize St Helens, not to regulate private citizens or private property.  By following the national “Main Street” program SHEDCO has access to many examples of successful programs that other communities have implemented around the country.  SHEDCO will attempt to develop a unique revitalization program for St Helens based on the involvement of the Citizens and business owners in St Helens.

– When does SHEDCO meet?
SHEDCO Board meets every month at the Kozy Korner Restaurant (371 Columbia Blvd, St. Helens, OR) at 6-7:30 pm. SHEDCO has four sub-committees that meet once each month as well. See facebook for this month’s meeting date.

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