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4th of July Festival

4th July 2013 Ice Cream Eating Contest

This year, SHEDCO will have a “Gutter Sundae”!  And it’s exactly how it sounds; a 30′ gutter full of ice cream sundae!!!  Seats at the Gutter Sundae will be on sale at the 4th of July SHEDCO booth.  Seating is limited!!  

Big thanks to Dockside Steak and Pasta for donating the ice cream for this great event.  Don’t forget to check them out!

Directions to the 4th of July Festivities:

– From Highway 30, turn onto Columbia Blvd.
– Continue on Columbia Blvd until it curves right into 1st Street.
– Continue on 1st Street, past St. Helens Street.
– On the right will be a public parking lot with free parking.
– The festivities will be across from the parking lot diagonally in a plaza and beyond the plaza will be Columbia View Park, which is where the music and entertainment will take place as well as spots to view the fireworks.

Interested in volunteering at this community event?

Check out the volunteer button on our home page to select your volunteer shifts! 


As of 2015, SHEDCO will no longer be sponsoring the St. Helens fireworks display. The Community Foundation and 13 Nights will be taking over from 2015 forward. We appreciate everyone who helped make the fireworks a success in the past and we look forward to seeing the wonderful work of the Community Foundation.  SHEDCO will however, be providing family fun and games at our SHEDCO booth during the 4th of July Festival!  Be sure to stop by!